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Monday, November 21, 2011

At It Again

It's been a while since I've devoted time to The Chibana Project. Life happened these past three years. Digging through my files to answer a request, I discovered some additional unfinished translations. I've decided to finish them and resume posting them here. Other surprises may be in store over time as well.

There is a wonderful book written by Masahiro Nakamoto called Okinawa Traditional Old Martial Arts that has been translated into English and is available here. What is being sold is the second English edition. I have a copy of the first English edition, which was published and translated by Miguel de Luz in July 2008. While I haven't read this particular second edition, I have been informed that there aren't significant differences between the two in terms of what mattered most to me: information on Chibana Sensei and the 38 other bujin Nakamoto Sensei meticulously researched. There are two Japanese editions to my knowledge (I have copies of both) published in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

Reading through the archive of comments over the years, I'd like to apologize to all the individuals who wanted to get in contact with me and were met without a response. To answer the most common unanswered comments:

- You can e-mail me at

- Chibana Sensei's house has long been bulldozed and built over. I discovered this when I returned to Okinawa in 2007. Before I left Okinawa in 2009, there were a number of new apartment buildings being built in the Tori Hori neighborhood. It broke my heart not being able to see the house again, but I feel fortunate that during my 2006 trip I photographed the property when the house was still standing.

- If you find yourself in Naha, Okinawa, head south of Shuri Station along Highway 82 and then turn left once you've hit the Higa Apartment (比嘉アパート) complex and head east into the neighborhood. You'll find yourself in Chibana Sensei's old neighborhood. If you speak Japanese, you might be fortunate enough to run into an elderly person in the neighborhood who may have been a neighbor. That's how I found the Chibana property when I ventured by myself in 2007 to discover that it had been bulldozed over.

Chibana Sensei's address was Naha-Shi, Shuri Tori-Hori-Cho 2-40-1



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