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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Little Help Please?

I've been translating some things for an upcoming post, and I've come across an Okinawan proverb that I'm having the darnedest time translating into something that makes sense in English.

Shinobu de shinobaran koto ayumi, shinobaran shinobi sushido shinobi.

Can any skilled linguist enlighten me on a translation?


Anonymous aym said...

the phrasing seemed strange to me.

i searched on the internet
and found this version
「忍び忍ぶしや 誰がん忍ぶしが 忍ばらん忍び すしる忍び 」

and an explanation following it..

「耐えている」 「我慢している」と忍んではいるが、 まだそのような事を我が心思っているようじゃ本当に忍び耐えている事にはならないのですよ。
後には、忍んでいることを辛苦に思わず、心や肝の修練・修養だと自ら気がつく事でしょう 。

very _rough_ translate of the explaination:
tinking "i'm bearing" cannot really be called "bearing"(shinobtaeru). only at repeated/stacked bearing can it be really called "bearing"(shinobitaeru)

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